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Corporate Offerings

Browse the full range of training online or download a copy of the 2023 training brochure.

When purchasing training for six or more employees, you receive access to the full list of CIBSE Training and learning formats - remote (Microsoft Teams), face-to-face and on demand, including possible discounts.

All topics are available for both corporate and public delegates. 

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Why CIBSE Training?

Latest regulations training 

All CIBSE Training courses cover basic regulations, legislation and standards with some courses focus on specific topics such as the Building Safety Act, Building Regulations: Part L, Building Regulations: Part B, Heat Networks Code of Practice.

“I am a Part L Assessor, so this has helped me to understand the new requirements and changes from the current regulations. Very helpful.” 
- past Energy Efficiency related Building Regulations: Part L attendee


Positive experience

"The content of the learning experience was personally relevant, interesting, useful and meaningful. The training was authentic, interactive, and collaborative to enhance and provide improved knowledge."
- past Residential Fire Sprinkler Design: BS9251:2021 attendee


Knowledgeable trainers 

"The trainer was very engaging and made the three days a breeze. Very knowledgeable and broke content up with interesting industry stories. Very positive experience." 
- past Mechanical Services Explained attendee


Expanded expertise

Through training, your employees learn new skills such as communication skills, problem solving, and develop their knowledge, so they can apply it to their work and support their clients.

[Content of this course] shed some light on a recent incident with a client, so we will be able to better explain what occurred.”
- past Designing Water Efficient Hot and Cold Supplies attendee


to register your interest in corporate training or book a course. Email [email protected] if you have any other questions.


My CIBSE Learning Preview

What should you expect from the on demand My CIBSE Learning platform?

View on demand Preview Video

Learning Formats

There is a wide variety of topics to choose from to expand your employees’ skills and knowledge available as remote, face-to-face and on demand.

All topics are available for both corporate and public delegates.

Search all CIBSE training courses

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Face-to-face or remote training

Classroom or live online interactive environment.

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On Demand Training

Recorded video sessions or text and images modules to learn at your own pace.

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When purchasing training for six or more employees you benefit from:

The trainer can shape the course material according to your company’s requirements, so it focuses on covering the knowledge or skills gaps of your employees.

There is a wide variety of topics to choose from to expand your employees’ skills and knowledge. Download the 2023 Training Programme to view the full list of remote, face-to-face and on demand training courses available.

Download the 2023 Training Programme

To help with busy employees’ schedules, you can choose when you have the remote or face to face training. Subject to trainer availability we deliver training in your office.

On demand training is a flexible alternative to corporate training that enables your employees to study when it suits them.

View all on demand training benefits

For on demand training you can check if you are eligible for any discounts by downloading the corporate calculator. It will give you a clear estimate of your costs for modules and courses and help you to plan your budget in advance.

For remote and face-to-face training you may be eligible for a discount depending on the number of employees attending the course or the number of courses purchased.

You can allocate on demand modules and courses to your employees and then monitor their learning progress remotely. In addition you can create dashboards to view each employee’s course progress, as well as see the total number of employees currently undergoing training.

Your Corporate Resources

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Corporate Calculator

Estimate your costs for purchasing online learning so you can plan your budget ahead and view your eligible discounts.

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Training Blogs

Check out our latest blogs for extra support in deciding your corporate training opportunities.

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Contact Us

You will receive full support from an account manager throughout each stage of the booking process.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing [email protected] or calling +44 (0)20 8772 3660. Someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note our working hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 (BST) – 17:00 (BST).

to register your interest in corporate training.

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