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This year's seminar series 6 Minutes to Midnight: Insights & practical solutions to make a difference in the built environment by 2030...and Beyond, will features five enlightening sessions, taking place every Tuesday from 12-2pm AEST, dedicated to exploring the latest trends and innovations that can help us achieve a sustainable built environment by 2030 and beyond. We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey and contribute to the future of our industry.

We are going to dive in deep to the nitty gritty practical aspects of the realities of what avoiding irreparable climate change involves.We will start the journey with grid carbon trajectory, targets, microgrids, and flexibility. The trade-off between embodied carbon and operational energy is explored, along with retrofit opportunities and the ‘technology of the hour’ - heat pumps. No series would be complete with a look at the impacts of societal changes in the last 2…5…10 years and the demands for change from younger generations. From here, the series takes a step back to look at mistakes from the past to avoid as we charge headlong into reducing all things carbon. We want to know - what might be the next cogeneration, tri-generation or CFC refrigerant? Finally, we look firmly ahead and explore how building services design can promote agility and sustainability, leveraging 'Smart' technology, and micro-grids.

By bringing together experts from our industry, CIBSE ANZ aims to inspire and educate professionals in the built environment industry. We believe that sustainable solutions to today's problems can make a lasting impact well into the future. The seminar series presents an exceptional opportunity for professionals like you to learn from the best in the industry, contribute to collective efforts, and make a real difference in the world by 2030.

Each session of the seminar series delves deep into key areas of focus, bringing forth valuable insights and practical solutions. See a glimpse into what each session has to offer on the programme. 


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