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Chimney and Flues Group

The Chimneys and Flues Group has been set up to inform and promote best practice in the use of flue systems to evacuate exhaust gases for building-related applications.

This will encompass designation, type choice based on performance-in-use, knowledge of UK and EU standards, sizing calculation, installation, testing and terminal siting for adequate exhaust gas dispersal. The determination and practice of maintenance regimes and the need to ensure emissions stay within whatever limits are set will be included.

Aims of the Chimneys and Flues Group

  • To broaden knowledge, skills and awareness of the function and design of flue systems and of their necessary safety provisions.
  • To work with CIBSE to create and up-date a Chimneys & Flues Application Manual and any other publications which may provide specialist guidance in this field.
  • To gather and disseminate information which serves the needs of the engineers, architects and designers responsible for the incorporation of combustion plant into buildings of all types. This will include the creation of a CPD plan.
  • To act as a medium through which technical knowledge may inform any public or statutory bodies in their work or in the fields of legislation, planning and regulation and thereby support the reduction of dangerous emissions from building energy systems.
  • To seek collaboration with other groups in CIBSE, such as the Energy Performance Group, where the synergy of such collaboration will create benefit.
  • To provide speakers for CIBSE events, technical papers, seminars and training courses, and to organise a programme of events for group members and interested parties in collaboration with CIBSE regions.
  • To maximise the contribution of good flue system design to building energy performance.
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