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Corporate Calculator

What is the CIBSE corporate calculator?

CIBSE Training has created a corporate calculator for on demand training.

This digital tool allows you to find out the approximate savings you can make depending on the purchased number of modules and courses. This way you can plan your budget ahead.

If you have any enquiries, please contact training at [email protected].


Corporate clients are provided with wider oversight of their learners. Other benefits include:

  • Set up a team of learners under the L&D Managers
  • Allocate modules to learners within your team
  • Track the progress of learners within your team
  • Receive monthly report on learner progress
  • Discount on bulk credit purchases

Download the Corporate Calculator

Discover how much you could save depending on your chosen online learning modules and courses and download the corporate calculator.

2023 Training Programme

You can browse the full range of training online or download a copy of the 2023 training brochure. 

Download and discover your opportunities including:

  • Remote, face-to-face and on demand benefits
  • All your regulations related training in one place
  • Corporate opportunities with exclusive benefits and tools
Download your copy
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