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YEPG is made up of young energy professionals from across the industry. Discover more about the committee below.

Gavin Lane, Chair
Consultant Energy Engineer at Carbon Intelligence
Smart Buildings, languages, and coffee
Not having a dishwasher, peak hour public transport, and high overnight baseloads

: Ruby Kessell, Vice Chair
General: Sustainability Consultant at WSP
Like: Heat pumps, inclusive design and running
Dislike: Greenwashing, fuel poverty and pessimism

Name: Michael Bennett, Secretary
General: Senior Mechanical Engineer & Digital Lead at Foster and Partners
Like: The opportunities of BIm, increasing awareness of sustainable design, and watching live sports 
Dislike: Unambitious energy targets, designed only to meet regulations, and tomatoes in sandwiches

: Angeliki Krania, Joint Events Lead
General: Sustainability Manager at Lamington Group 
Like: Innovative yet holistic solutions, human-centric design, traveling, and cooked food
Dislike: Redundant tasks, unnecessary meetings, and buzzwords 

Name: Fatou Chang, Joint Events Lead 
General: Graduate Building Services Engineer at Sweco
Like: Honesty, cooking, hiking
Dislike: Not having a dishwasher, reading, and messiness

: Yasemin Agaoglu, Joint Events Lead
General: Electrical Engineer at Sweco
Like: Stage plays, film soundtracks, airports, and new journeys
Dislike: Rudeness and soups

: Lucy Sherburn, Webmaster
General: Consulting Engineer at FairHeat
Like: Low carbon heat sources, running and travelling
Dislike: Lack of government funding for improving energy efficiency in homes

: Harry Day, Joint Social Media
General: Graduate Mechanical Engineer at Troup Bywaters and Anders
Like: UNSDGs, long walks in the sunshine, and cooking
Dislike: Inefficient design, long walks in the rain, and washing dishes

: Sapna Halai, Joint Social Media
General: Senior Engineer at Useful Projects & Expedition Engineering
Like: Pottery, dogs, and wild swimming
Dislike: Privatised utilities, comic sans

Name: Inam Shah, Joint Social Media
General: Electrical Engineer at Sweco
Like: Sustainable engineering solutions, getting the job done on time, cooking
Dislike: Greenwashing, fuel poverty and pessimism

: Hua Zhong, Regional Officer, East Midlands
General: Senior Lecturer in Building Services at Nottingham Trent University
Like: Low Carbon and sustainable design
Dislike: Unhealthy environment

: Ana Sofia Narro Vallejo, Committee Member
General: Sustainability Engineer at Cundall
Like: Smart design, energy efficiency, and a nice beach
Dislike: Close-mindedness, corruption 

: Nikos Goufas, Committee Member
General: Sustainability/Building Physics Engineer
Like: Low energy building design and smart energy systems
Dislike: Overheating in the office, “not in my backyard” attitude, and traffic

Name: Richard Denteh, Committee Member
General: Senior Consultant at Meinhardt UK
Like: When good engineering solutions are well executed. Formula 1 (of course Lewis Hamilton is my favourite F1 driver)
Dislike: Last-minute rush and time-wasting

Name: Josie Cheeseman, Committee Member
General: Undergraduate Engineer at WSP
Like: Cooking, efficient tiny homes, and being outside
Dislike: The dark

: Adam Daulby, Committee Member
General: Building Services Engineer at AECOM
Like: Operational energy performance, designing for occupants and when Revit doesn’t crash
Dislike: Oversized plant, undersized plant, and when Revit crashes

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