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Product or Innovation of the Year – Wellbeing

Product or Innovation of the Year – Wellbeing

Product or Innovation of the Year – Wellbeing
Recognising products or innovations that make a significant contribution to the wellbeing element of building performance. These can include solutions in the areas of lighting, acoustics, air quality, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Winner: Productivity mapping; making the business case for wellbeing – Cundall

In a world where 90% of business costs are associated with staff, a 1% improvement in productivity could save hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds. The winner of the 2020 Wellbeing Innovation of the Year Award has developed a toolkit that makes the case for investing in workplace design, by demonstrating how it can increase wellbeing and productivity and, ultimately, save on overall operating costs.
Cundall’s productivity mapping tool, which quantifies elements of the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) such as temperature, CO2 levels and daylight, can be used to measure and optimise employee productivity in existing workplaces as well as in the design stage of new buildings.
The company used the latest academic and industry research to produce a bespoke parametric modelling tool that demonstrates where occupant performance metrics are linked with the environmental parameters of thermal comfort, CO2 and daylighting on an hourly basis.
‘This allows us to predict the loss of productivity at any workstation and assess the benefit of remedial measures,’ says Cundall.
The data can be used to aggregate the loss of productivity, which, when combined with an organisation’s revenue or the salary costs of the occupier, provides an assessment of the financial impact for a range of measures. When linked with the capital costs it can be used to show the financial return on investment of each intervention.
Future works with the tool will include the impacts of acoustic treatment, HVAC system types and the effectiveness of air distribution and internal pollutants.
Praising the mapping tool for the effective way it demonstrates to clients the impact of wellbeing, judges said Cundall had found a novel way to assess  wellbeing and link it to productivity.
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