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Learning and Development

Learning and Development

Learning and Development 

Recognising and celebrating the organisation demonstrating how their learning and development initiative has improved the understanding of building performance within an organisation and/or in the wider environment.

Winner: The Cundall Diploma – Cundall

As a multidisciplinary consultant, Cundall believes its biggest impact is through the projects it delivers. So while its staff are part of the design process, the company felt they might not understand how every decision they make can impact the whole lifecycle performance of its buildings. 

Enter the Cundall Diploma. It was developed to give staff an in-depth understanding of sustainable design – offering them the knowledge, tools and confidence to provide sustainable design solutions on their projects.
In the first year, 20% of employees signed up to join the diploma, located in 18 of Cundall’s 21 global offices. Although the content is sustainable design, it was opened up to anyone in the business – from delegates in the office support and marketing teams, to specialist consultants and graduate engineers all the way to partner level. 

In terms of building performance, the course includes modules on reducing energy consumption, renewable energy, the embodied impacts of materials, and the supply chain. There is training on health and wellbeing; with a focus on indoor environmental quality and biophilic design. 

The Cundall Diploma was the first of its kind, not just within Cundall, but also across the industry, and several challenges had to be overcome to successfully launch the programme. These included getting the course CPD-accredited. 

Now, with each participant logging more than 100 CPD hours as part of the diploma, Cundall is looking to take the initiative further by getting the diploma accredited to MSc level.
Culturally the diploma was a massive change. From sustainability being something that was done by ‘those guys in the corner’, to being central to everyone, regardless of role. 

Judges’ comments: 

We particularly liked the depth of the scheme and the inclusive way in which the initiative has been rolled out across Cundall.

A very good feedback mechanism so their approach to continuous improvement really stood out.

The investment in terms of time and effort given to the programme really impressed us.


GATES Scheme – Hurley Palmer Flatt

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