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Building Performance Consultancy (Over 1,000 Employees)

Building Performance Consultancy (Over 1,000 Employees)

Building Performance Consultancy (Over 1,000 Employees)

Outstanding contribution to the design or refurbishment of buildings to meet client expectations of performance, including occupant satisfaction, comfort and energy performance, throughout the operating life

Winner: BuroHappold Engineering

Already a CIBSE award-winning global consultancy, BuroHappold Engineering is focused on delivering high-performing buildings and cities via six core focus areas: delivering building performance; health, wellbeing and productivity; BIM for efficient delivery; smart buildings; digital design for the built environment; and design for pre-fabrication. 

Recognising that building performance is a data-driven issue, the building performance group has been working on a major exercise to create an interactive database for all modelled and measured data across its global portfolio of projects, to allow a better understanding of performance of buildings in the business and enable better delivery of performance to clients. 

This will enable project teams to understand how their buildings are performing in use and on a year-on-year basis. This data-platform is being rolled out internally across the business. 

Meanwhile, the company has introduced initiatives to improve sustainable operation of its offices, including removal of single-use plastic cups and development of action plans for each office to make travel more sustainable.

BuroHappold’s independence gives a strong, authentic voice on the issues that matter to its clients, such as: improving health and wellbeing, and resource efficiency; rapidly decarbonising the built environment; and ensuring its buildings are resilient to climate change. 

Kamyar Vaghar, president of the International Well Building Institute, said: ‘They create iconic buildings globally through their commitment to innovation and creative solutions. 

‘I recently visited BuroHappold’s Warsaw office, and was inspired by the tremendous work they have put into their new healthy office. It is an example of what can be achieved when you put people at the centre of every building design and operational decision. They have set a high bar for others to follow.’ 

Judges’ comments:

It is good to see what BuroHappold are doing to address building performance and to get that understanding reflected in what is delivered on site.

BuroHappold are engaging with the key topics of healthy safe buildings and delivering buildings that are resilient to a changing climate and contribute far less to future climate change.



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