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BEAMA Launches Future Homes Standard Report to Government and Industry
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BEAMA Launches Future Homes Standard Report to Government and Industry

16 May 23

The Government’s commitment to regulate all new residential developments to be Net Zero Ready from 2025 is fast approaching and has laid down a clear direction of travel for building design and construction. Through the second stage of its Future Homes Standard consultation – due to launch later this year – there will be a requirement to future proof all new dwellings with low carbon heating, high performing fabric specification and a complementary ventilation strategy which will focus on the assured health and well-being of occupants.

BEAMA’s Future Homes Standard Phase 1 Impact Report, launching today, lays out a framework to prepare for the changes coming through from 2025, focusing on a range of technology options best suited to a variety of dwelling and occupancy profiles. The report acknowledges that the majority of technology solutions already exists today and therefore focuses on the specific enablers that will support their inclusion within the homes of the future. Subjects such as design, installation and commissioning competency; the necessity to undertake a steep evolution in SAP’s building modelling capability; and the very real challenge of preparing consumers for a new way of living, are all covered within the report. 

Commenting on the launch of the report, BEAMA CEO Dr Howard Porter said “BEAMA has been a long-term supporter of innovation and progressive building standards. Through this report we are seeking to open a path towards collaborative discussion with, not only Government, but also the wider construction industry. We share a common objective and we are very much looking forward to being a leading stakeholder in the preparation for the start of an exciting new era for energy efficiency, renewable solutions and connected flexibility infrastructure from 2025. Our efforts will not stop at today’s publication. This is the first phase of a two-step report focussing on new build compliance, with the second half of the report planned when we can complete BETA SAP 11 modelling. We have also recently become a Future Homes Hub partner, where we will be seeking to undertake a range of ‘task and finish’ projects in the coming two years to facilitate the new Standard’s success”. 

Welcoming the report, Ed Lockhart CEO of the Future Homes Hub said “BEAMA’s ‘Network to Emitter Impact Report’ provides an excellent analysis of the technology options for meeting the Future Homes Standard.  It builds on the knowledge pooled through the Future Homes Standard Task Group’s Ready for Zero report.  We are looking forward to working ever more closely with BEAMA, bringing the collective expertise of manufacturers and suppliers together with that of homebuilders on the journey to net zero. As we do so we must all keep a laser focus on building high quality homes and places that people love living in”.

The report can be downloaded at 

BEAMA is the UK trade association for manufacturers and providers of energy infrastructure technologies and systems. We represent more than 200 companies, from start-ups and SMEs to large multinationals. Our members' products ensure low carbon energy and environmental services are delivered safely, securely and efficiently to UK homes, businesses, transport and grid networks. We support our members in ensuring that the UK has a strong electrotechnical industry that is recognised as an essential part of modern society and brings invaluable economic, social and environmental benefits. 

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