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Delivering Buildings that are truly fit for purpose


The 2013 CIBSE Technical Symposium took place at Liverpool John Moores University from 11-12 April. Below are links to PDFs of the papers, presentations and posters. All full papers were subject to a formal peer review.

Session 1:

Chaired by George Adams, CIBSE President Elect, SPIE Matthew Hall

Session 2 - Delivering future success through monitoring and assessment
Chaired by Ahmed Al-Shamma'a, Liverpool John Moores University

Session 3: Adapting the future by learning from the past
Chaired by Geraldine O'Farrell, English Heritage

Session 4: Poster Pitch 1
Chaired by Mike Smith, BSRIA

Session 5: Benchmarks, ratings and the benefit of early engineering input to design process
Chaired by John Armstrong, Consultant

Session 6: Successfully integrating renewables into buildings
Chaired by Steve Hunt, Steven A Hunt Associates

Session 7: Ventilation for health and energy efficiency
Chaired by Li Shao, University of Reading

Session 8: Optimising the lifetime operation of buildings
Chaired by Andrew Saville, Armville Consultancy

Session 9: "Buildings are not designed to be operated" debate
Chaired by Ewen Rose, McGowen Rose Associates

Team 1: Larry Spielvogel, Consulting Engineer, USA; David Arnold, London South Bank University; George Adams, CIBSE President Elect, SPIE Matthew Hall
Team 2: David Fisk, CIBSE President, Imperial College London; Richard Rooley, Rooley Consultants 

Session 10: Opening by David Fisk, CIBSE President, Imperial College London
Parallel sessions:

Session 11: Benchmarking and categorising buildings and systems
Chaired by David Fisk, CIBSE President, Imperial College London

Session 12: KTN Workshop
Chaired by Jo Harris, BSRIA

  • Innovation is needed to improve the management and operation of our buildings
  • Share your experiences to help shape this future funding call from the TSB

Session 13: Powering changes for long term operational benefit
Chaired by David Fitzpatrick, Ruskin Air Management

Session 14: Multiple facets of water in building operation
Chaired by Laurence Aston, Buro Happold

Session 15: Chaired by Mike Smith, BSRIA

Poster Pitch 2

Session 16: Information driven systems design and operation
Chaired by Alex Smith, CIBSE Journal

Session 17: Simulating the operation of built systems
Chaired by Derek King, Liverpool John Moores University

Session 18: Predicting and designing for successful operation in future climates
Chaired by Andy Ford, CIBSE Immediate Past President, London South Bank University

Additional Posters

Paper and Poster Prizes

Most effective delivery of material - This rewards the presentation that most effectively conveys the presenter's message. It is a mark of success in clearly communicating ideas to others in a constrained format.

'Domestic solar earth charging: Modelling the process for augmentation of heat pump' - David Nicholson-Cole, University of Nottingham

Most significant contribution to the art and science of building services engineering - The report, concept, idea or technology that is likely to make the most immediate and significant impact on engineering the built environment.

'Benchmarking energy use in licenced restaurants and pubs' - Samantha Mudie, University of Reading

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